We are a positive impact communications firm — we believe in the power of communication and the impact of sustainability. And we believe that for society to change on a large scale, its news culture also needs to change, just as the business world needs to shift towards a new sustainable paradigm.

We speak the language of Businesses, Governments and NGO’s, and as each brand is different and unique, we know that so is each communication initiative. We create vibrant and impactful campaigns and help businesses communicate their innovative solutions and sustainability strategies more effectively in their brand voice.

"Raising the voice of brave brands for a greater impact"

Consumers are increasingly more conscious in their buying habits. They fall in love with Brands that set an inspiring example.

We believe in creating sincere, captivating and witty content, strategies and campaigns for you and your consumers
Communication services
Do you want to bedazzle your target?

We want your clients to fall in love with your purpose, because we know you’ve had it inside all along.

VoL creates exclusive, vibrant, positive content & campaigns to help you form a better relationship with your target. Put our creativity to the test, you’ll be surprised what we can dish out. We develop authentic campaigns about your actions and help you spread the word.

We work with peers aligned with our principles and walk with you through every step of the journey.

Remember, sharing is caring!
Sustainability Campaigning
How do you communicate your sustainability actions?

Bring your sustainability communication activities and reporting to life and raise awareness both inside and outside your company.

Being sustainable is not a trend, it is a fact that has come here to stay. It has a tangible impact for brands and society alike. We believe the communication of sustainability should be sincere, attractive and daring to inspire others in the process and engage consumers to make responsible choices.

VoL can translate your story with an impactful narrative and create your internal and external sustainability communication.

Branding With Purpose
Are you a purpose driven company?

What is your brand purpose?

Empower, experience and grow your brand.

Evolve with our brand consultancy services, including logo, tone of voice, employer branding, visual expresión and a world of corporate storytelling tailor- made for you and your target.

We believe Brand purpose should be at the centre of every decision the brand makes.

Working with VoL reactivates your brand positioning and prepares you for the future, today.

Be true to your Brand.

We capture the link between your brand and your target group and we show them what you stand for. You can count on us to challenge the status quo and thrive for creating better businesses.
Our team’s approach to your needs and problems, constructs solutions
We donate 1% of our revenue to inVoLved, Voices of Leaders’ association for sustainable local impact that fights against desertification in Spain and promotes children welfare.

Become involved with inVoLved!
We want to know more about you and your purpose
International Commitment With the Planet
We believe business should be a force for good. Voices of Leaders is committed to responsible business, showcasing success stories in order to inspire and motivate individual and business transformation. We are participants of the UN Global Compact and our guiding principles are detailed in our commitment letter.